Seasons in the Smokies


Every new season in the Smokies brings new wonders to discover and enjoy!

When do you want to experience the Smokies?

SPRING – Migrating birds return, wildlife and plants alike emerge from their winter slumber:

The mountains and hollows are springing to life as wildflowers grace the forest floor with their incredible displays of whites, purples, blues, yellows, reds and oranges.

Birds flood the forests and fields, filling the air with their vibrant, joyous songs.

More shades of green than thought imaginable burst onto the scene as plants sprout their new growth.

SUMMER -- Lush green forests and the life that abounds within :

Life is in full swing during this busy time of the year.

Summer is the time to experience the great diversity of plant and wildlife species of the Smokies during their flurry of growth and activity.

FALL -- Colorful leaf displays & preparation for the upcoming winter months:

Enjoy the spectacular display of oranges, yellows and reds of a Smoky Mountain autumn.

Take to the trails with JGO to experience and photograph the brilliant fall colors up close with an awesome blue sky as your backdrop.

Watch black bear, whitetail deer and other wildlife busily prepare for the upcoming winter months.

WINTER -- Snow-covered landscapes and unhindered mountain vistas:

Experience the quiet solitude and grand vistas of a winter hike when fewer visitors venture into this delightful winter wonderland.

Be the first person to make tracks as you explore a fresh snowfall for animal tracks and other sign.