Environmental Education


Custom Family Reunion Hiking Vacation, Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Those who spend time together outdoors learning about the natural world have much to talk about at the end of the day, and perhaps even longer.

Presentation Topics: (more details HERE)

Wildflowers, Wildflowers, Wildflowers
Amphibians and Reptiles of the Smokies
Butterflies & Moths of the Smokies
Introduction to Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Elk, Back in the SmokiesIntroduction to Birdwatching
Photography for Naturalists
Fall in the Smokies
Salamander Capitol of the World

Would you like to spend some time with a professional naturalist and wildlife biologist to introduce youngsters, family, or friends to the many wonders of our natural world? Perhaps you would like to learn more about birds, or wildflowers, or the connectedness of nature yourself. Looking for a field trip for your students or youth group?If you are a teacher or youth group leader and want to set up a field trip, JGO will work with you to develop a program which will best meet your needs. Do you want to reinforce natural history concepts taught in your classroom or teach new concepts? Just tell us what you need and we’ll create the best program for your group.

Leading interpretive hikes and field trips, giving presentations, and conducting teacher training sessions are some of the many ways that JGO helps to educate our children and adults about the great diversity of plants and animals with which we share this earth.

With our hands-on, gentle approach, JGO will provide a pleasant and engaging educational experience for you and your group. Through our educational programs we strive to help both youths and adults gain an appreciation of, respect for and increased awareness of our natural world. We seek to accomplish this by:

*Encouraging adults and youngsters to explore the natural world in order to enhance their observation skills and to strengthen their connectedness with nature.

*Providing an experienced naturalist guide and educator for every outing.

*Tailoring our outings to each individual’s, family’s, or group’s special interests, physical abilities and goals.

*Providing a variety of opportunities to Just Get you Outdoors.

Here is a sampling of topics we can cover for both adults and youths:

Mammal, bird, amphibian, and reptile identification and biology

Plant identification and biology

Natural history

Wildlife ecology

Forest ecology


Nature photography

Environmental ethics and awareness

Stream ecology

We look forward to working with you to create a custom educational experience!

Family Program - Interpretive Hike and Outdoor Fun, Smoky Mountains

Since our week, I'm seeing things on the trail I would have never noticed. I learned more in that week than any semester course. I look forward to seeing you on the trail.WW, Charlotte, NC - JC Campbell Folk School