JUST GET OUTDOORS: Frequently Asked Questions

What is your favorite trail? The one I’m on.

What does GORP mean?

Officially it means “Good Old Raisins and Peanuts”, but it can be a combination of all kinds of (your favorite) delicious nuts, dried fruits, chocolate, etc.

How will I know what the weather is?

Does anyone really know what the weather will be until the day of? Kidding aside, check out the following web site: www.weather.com for the appropriate location.

What should I put in my personal first aid kit?

You should always carry some blister care (prevention) treatment such as Molefoam, Band-aids, antibiotic ointment and some type of cover to help prevent friction (Skin Savers, duct tape, etc.). You should also carry any medications that you require, including an epi-pen if you are allergic to bee stings.

Should I use hiking poles?


Why do I need hiking poles? Do they really help?

Yes, they really do help. Hiking with poles minimizes shock and impact on joints (knees and ankles) -- by about 20% with one hiking pole and about 40% with two! This is a great help if you want to protect your knees, especially while hiking downhill. Poles provide increased stability and balance when hiking or walking on uneven or loose ground and also while crossing creeks. They give you an extra leg or two to help keep you upright (you know, when you happen to trip). You also get an all-over body workout. In fact research shows that while you burn 20% more calories, it doesn’t seem like you’re working any harder. Using hiking poles helps your muscles go through a healthy, full range of motion. For more information, check out the following sites.



What makes JGO so different? Why should I go with JGO?

Because we love what we do! We offer naturalist interpretation, attention to detail, excellent customer service and delicious food, but we’ll let the words of our customers answer this question for you.

”The reason I chose Just Get Outdoors for my vacation again is due to Liz’s extensive and impressive experience as a naturalist. I will definitely plan my next trip with Liz and JGO.” CD, MN

”Just wanted to tell you what a WONDERFUL time I had. I have NEVER had such a good time hiking and I have never had a guide that compares to you and your knowledge of the species and area. Thank you.” DR, Knoxville, TN

”I knew that I would enjoy this vacation but it far exceeded my expectations. I learned so much and saw some of the most beautiful places in the Adirondacks that I never would have found. I had a great time!” KE, Rochester

”I was most impressed with your knowledge, your presentations, and your sharing. I also observed another wonderful trait, which was lacking in many of the leaders. In large groups you stopped and placed yourself in the middle so everyone could hear. I commend you for your thoughtfulness and your love for sharing your passion. For these reasons I have felt more comfortable with you than others.” SG, Townsend, TN.

”I was very impressed by you and your level of organization and knowledge. You possess an amazing leadership and yet you put your heart into making your customers have an enjoyable trip at the same time.” CD, Boundary Waters, MN

How do you rate your trips?

We have three levels: Easy, Moderate and Challenging.

How should I prepare for my Naturalist Adventure Tour with JGO?

In general, your trip will be more enjoyable for you if you are reasonably fit. After you register for each trip, we will send specific suggestions on physical conditioning and training that will help you prepare for your adventure.

How will I know what to bring?

I will send a packing (gear and clothing) list to you before each trip begins. This will give you the details of what you’ll need for each trip. Also, you can call to chat about gear and clothing anytime.

Who goes on these trips?

Folks from all walks of life and from a variety of locations. They are people like us who enjoy and appreciate the natural world and who want to Just Get Outdoors!

Do I need to be an experienced hiker or paddler?

For our trips rated Easy and Moderate, no, you do not need to be an experienced hiker or paddler. Beginners are welcome! We will teach you any skills necessary for you to relax and enjoy your trip. One of our goals is to help you gain experience while on a JGO adventure. For our trips rated Challenging, some experience would be helpful, but not always a necessity.

Are there laundry facilities where we’ll be staying?

Please see individual trip descriptions.

What are the accommodations like on these trips?

It depends on the trip. On most trips (other than backpacking trips) we stay at lodges, inns, or hotels. For more detailed information, please see the accommodation description for each specific trip.

What if I want to sit out for the day?

It is possible (on most trips) to stay back at our accommodations any day you choose not to join the group.