Naturalist Guided Hiking Trip and More: A Taste of The Finger Lakes

June 7 –  13, 2020

Discover the natural, geological and cultural history of the Finger Lakes of New York. This trip is packed with exciting, captivating activities that will please and delight all of your senses…and your intellect as well. J Does it get any better?

Be spellbound as you hike through ancient gorges; feel the spray and listen to the soothing sounds of innumerable waterfalls and cascades; taste award-winning wines and artisanal cheeses of the region; dine at the renowned Moosewood Restaurant; visit the iconic Corning Museum of Glass and Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology; and take a sunset cruise on Cayuga Lake, one of the 11 sparkling, glacially formed Finger Lakes.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of this geologically fascinating and awe-inspiring area as you join your naturalist guide on hikes through glacial landscapes and into the heart of some of the most extraordinarily beautiful gorges of the Finger Lakes. Explore a bog, an old-growth forest and the cool, moist, shaded environment of glens, all of which provide habitat for a rich array of wildflowers, ferns, mosses and other plant life, as well as birdlife.

We’ll learn about the interesting and unique geology

of the Finger Lakes Region and see firsthand the power of water, carving through the landscape as glaciers and cutting down into the rock strata as rivers and creeks. Discover the beauty of a landscape sculpted by these erosional forces of ice and flowing water. Water, water, always water, cutting through layers upon layers of sedimentary shales and sandstones, bringing us back 380 million years in time.

The Finger Lakes region has long been the land of the Haundenosaunee Confederacy (the League of Nations), known to most as the Iroquois, though that is a name given by the French. Long before Europeans invaded the continent, the first nations people thrived. They chose the name Haundenosaunee, meaning “they made the house,” because it symbolizes the coming together of the original nations; the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca, and Tuscarora; under one confederacy, to live under one unifying set of laws. Well known for its organization and democratic system, the Haundenosaunee Confederacy was one of the first of its kind. The Confederacy and its people live on today in the Finger Lakes region and maintain the support of the Six Nations as their representative government.

June in the Finger Lakes
Weather in the Finger Lakes region of New York in June should be pretty moderate. Temperatures range from an average low of 53 degrees (F) to the average high of 76. Even though temperatures may reach the 80s on some days, mornings and evenings are still cool enough to require a layer or two for warmth. Nice! The moist shaded gorges offer cool and refreshing environs as well. The June rainfall average is 4 inches, so come prepared to don waterproof gear.  
June is the month when spring transitions into summer and with it comes all of the delights of both seasons, thereby making it one of the best times to visit this region. It is high season in this outdoor lover's paradise, full of recreational activities, of which we will take full advantage. We’ll celebrate the late spring and the beginning of summer by hiking the gorges, spending time at wineries, time on the lake and so much more. This will be a wonderful time to enjoy wildflowers and other flora as well as birds of the region.

A Taste of the Finger Lakes

Trip Length: 7 days, 6 nights

Trip Dates: June 7 – 13 (Sunday to Saturday), 2020

Trip Cost: $2870 

Single Supplement $550

Trip Highlights and Activities:   Naturalist guide; hiking the gorges of the NY Finger Lakes; waterfalls; natural history interpretation; outstanding scenery; exploring the Finger Lakes Wine Country; winery tours and tastings; dairy tours and tasting local artisanal cheeses; botanizing; interesting geology and glacial history; old-growth forest; photography; sunset and educational cruise on Cayuga Lake; Corning Museum of Glass; Moosewood Restaurant; Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

Group Size: 5 (min) – 10(max) participants



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